Neil Sartori's collection

Here are some pictures from Neil Sartori's collection. Neil contacted me as he had obtained a master clock very similar to mine and needed to get it working. Unfortunately, since my master was gutted when I obtained it, I was unable to provide a lot of guidance, but I did have the schematic to his clock - so I made a copy and sent it off to him. With the help of Tim Akins and myself, we were able to help him correct some problems with the gearing and motor, and now his master clock is fully functional.

Neil is slowly building his collection - here's what he's obtained.

Here is Neil's master clock along with one of the slaves it's controlling.
Another shot of the master clock, and the International slave he has in his hallway.

Since Neil has varying types of slave clocks, he's not running correction, which allows him to hook the International slave up to the same circuit.

Here's the other slave that is on Neil's system. First of all, I must say that I am quite jealous of this slave clock, because it is in absolutely excellent condition. Judging by the Standard logo, I would say that this clock is from the late 1940s or early 1950s.

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