Gary Spohn's collection

Gary has numerous system clocks made by IBM and Simplex, Honeywell, Landis, Self-Winding, Edwards, Stromberg, Cincinnati and Faraday, as well as his Standard Electric equipment.

Here's a 2624GRC master with accompanying bellboard. The GRC master clocks ran synchronous slaves (with second hands). They corrected once an hour, usually during the 58th minute.
This is an AR-3 slave clock.
This is an AR master clock, model no. 14. Notice the program tape on the left. The early pendulum-based AR master clocks are quite a find!
This is a double dial GRC slave clock.
This is a 5-inch silver "pilot clock". The pilot clocks were usually found on the inside of the wooden master clocks. There was a pilot clock for each clock circuit. The pilot indicated what time the rest of the slaves said, so that you could advance that circuit to the correct time.
Here's a 24V version of the pilot clock, with a white dial.
And here's an 8-inch pilot clock - notice the "The Standard Electric Time Co." logo on it.
Here's a picture of a original Standard Electric issued program tape. The ones I obtained from Standard Electric a couple of years ago are green, but function the same way. :)

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