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I evaluate, repair and replace Standard Electric Time impulse clock systems in Upstate New York. If your facility has an aging Standard Electric Time clock system, there is no need to replace it, I can help you locate replacement clocks at an affordable price. Please contact me! I've seen too many schools waste money installing new clock systems in their facility when it wasn't necessary.

I'm excited to have finally found a photo of the original master clock of my elementary school. From a 1947 yearbook, here's what it looked like.


If you're looking for parts or information on your existing Standard Electric Time clock system, I suggest you get in touch with the folks at Tecumseh Tech. They have a lot of information for existing setups, including information on the Master Time Programmers. They also have a firmware update for the MTPs that handles the new Daylight Saving Time changes beautifully.


I am looking for ANY information - articles, manuals, literature or photos - from Standard Electric Time.  Please e-mail me if you have anything to provide.  I will gladly include it on the site and give you proper credit. In addition, I highly recommend that you visit Jeff Wood's site over on the Clock History site.


Checking over another Standard Electric Time collection.  Collector Tim Akins on the left, myself on the right.  May 2001.

The Standard Electric Time Company History

Restoration Study - Linton Township High School - Linton, Indiana

Case Study - Pulaski Academy and Central School - Pulaski, New York

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Standard Electric Time Company bulletins
Bulletin No. 82 - Electric Clocks That Reset Themselves If The Current Fails, circa 1932
Bulletin No. 101 - Clock System Instructions - Ribbon Program Clock
Bulletin No. 104 - Clock System Instructions - Master Clock
Bulletin No. 537 - Operating Instructions for Model 3624 Master Clock - circa 1957
Note: Bulletins 101 & 104 are from a 1941 master clock.


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